100RBH Aka Saurabh Abhyankar

100RBH Aka Saurabh Abhyankar

“SAU = 100, RABH = RBH” 100RBH is a 23-year-old rapper and dancer from the Amravati district of Maharashtra. His first rap was the Amravati Rap which he released in 2014.

“Issues of my Marathi people are the reason behind everything that I write. I keep taking the name of Amravati wherever I go.”

As a kid, he grew up listening to the revolutionary songs of Babasaheb Ambedkar and the peace-promoting songs of Buddha. He had heard raps before while doing hip hop but never thought that even he could do it. He says,” I never thought that I could rap until I saw some people in TV shows do it and realized that if they can then even I can.” That’s when he did his first rap “The Amravati rap”, rap about his story and daily life of Amravati.

He realized that rap was a way to express his thoughts without any barriers. For him, the content of the rap is more important than the language of the rap. Although the language is used so that people can relate to it. He wants to use rap to draw attention to a particular topic. “For me, rapping is a way of getting my thoughts across the crowd in my own style”.

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